Frequently Asked Questions

We have served over 2,500 clients in Toronto and the GTA, so as you might guess, we’ve received a great number of questions over the years. Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive.

1. Will installation ruin my yard?
No. We know a sprinkler system is designed to beautify your yard and garden so we are careful and delicate throughout the sprinkler installation process. Plus, we always do a thorough clean-up once the job is complete. Any minor disturbance to your yard is usually invisible within two weeks of installation.

2. Will my water bill change?
This, of course, depends on the amount of water usage before installation. Typically for homes that were watering their lawn with a hose or old-fashioned sprinkler system, the water bill is lower due to the greater efficiency in the systems we install. However, if you were watering infrequently, you may note a slight increase. Homeowners however find their new garden oasis well worth a slight uptick in their already relatively low water bill.

3. Will I find it difficult to operate?
No, thanks to the hands-on training we provide with every installation. Plus, the systems are designed to be simple to use, so in the majority of cases, your sprinkler system is a case of ‘set it and forget it’.

4. Will the lawn mower disturb the sprinklers?
We have 20 years of experience installing sprinklers so they only appear when active (usually at dawn) therefore you can mow your lawn as you normally would without worrying about disturbing the sprinklers.

5. Will my pipes burst in winter?
We provide winterization service that removes all water from your pipes in the fall. This prevents the water in your pipes from expanding and bursting.

6. When is it best to install the system?
Installation can take place whenever frost is out of the ground – typically from April to October.But installation can take place at any time. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve discovered the best times to install sprinkler heads for optimal performance. Also, if your property is being re-landscaped, we’ll work closely with your landscape crew.

7. When should the sprinkler system be turned off?
Typically it’s recommended the system be turned off in October before any water can freeze in the pipes of the system. At this point we winterize your system by removing any water to prevent pipes from bursting.

8. How do we water when we are not home?
Controllers automatically activate your sprinkler system (typically at dawn) so you can set and forget your system, even when you’re not around.

9. What are the different parts of my sprinkler system and how do I maintain it?
Find out all about this here.

10. What happens when it rains?
Your sprinkler system is designed to be highly efficient with water usage. This includes turning itself off when a sensor detects rain. This also avoids over-watering which can damage plants.

11. Will a sprinkler system help increase the value of my property?
Yes, a sprinkler system is typically considered an improvement to a home’s property. Plus, the lush vegetation that accompanies it will also increase curb appeal.

12. Do I need to obtain a permit to install a sprinkler system?
No permits are required.